Estate Sales Supreme, LLC


Estate Sales Supreme, LLC opened 10 years ago.  Since that time, we have conducted numerous sales with the majority of those sales being 100% liquidations.  We take pride in providing fast results to those in need of  a liquidation.  As a client with us, you may expect your payment within 1 to 3 business days from the closing of the contract.   That is a service we have offered from day one.

What type of services are available?

Our company offers tag sales, appointment sales, and private sales as the primary source of selling.  We include internet sales,  preliminary sales, and estate buy-outs, as part of the overall process of liquidating your estate through the form of a tag sale.  We will also line up lawn care, maintenance, and cleaning services with our fully trusted recommendations.  You may choose for this to come out of the proceeds of the contract if needed.

What is an estate sale? 

It is a sale which takes place in the home or location of items being sold.  The furnishings and items are organized  and displayed for shoppers to view.  Items are tagged with a suggested price.  Our public sales usually take place during a 2 day weekend period.  However, to maximize your dollar amount, we start selling from the beginning of the contract and continue until all goods are sold.  Prices are created on condition and value of the item.   Our intention is to provide a service with a quick turnaround, but also provide a 100% buy-out. 

How does our company make money?

Our company makes a percentage of the sale.  We are paid through the proceeds of the sale so you will not be expected to pay upfront.

How we decide on a sale.

When we choose a home to conduct a sale in, we consider some factors;  location, and how well we feel we can find buyers for your contents.    Household contents, location, safety of household, local events, and weather conditions can all have a bearing on a sale.  We want your sale to be successful.  

Our recommendation:

When shopping for an estate liquidator, we recommend centering your questions on what you are looking to achieve.  It may not be necessary to physically meet early in the process if you have photos to send.  By sending some snapshots of your estate, we will be able to discuss the best plan before we have the in person consultation.  The in home consultation allows for a more casual setting without having to worry if we may be of service to you, if we know most of the information ahead.  We want to make it an easy process for you.


You can expect a contract for your protection and the protection of the company.  This will be provided during the consultation.


Our company will disclose all information concerning pricing and percentage pay-off during the in person consultation. 

Home Listing

If you have not already listed your home, and are planning to do so; keep in mind that we work very well with real estate agents and realtors.  We are even willing to share the same weekend for the estate sale and the open house.  Working together helps all parties involved.


From the moment we have a contract with you, we will keep in contact with you so that you will be fully aware of what progress is being done with your home.

If for some reason, we are not able to assist you with your estate, we will disclose the reason why.  Again, not all estates produce the ideal scenario, but we try hard to make the arrangements possible for most situations.  We will try our best to direct you to a better solution for your needs, should we be unable to assist.

Questions you may be asked by the estate liquidator when you call:

How soon do you need the sale?

Are you living in the home, if so, when will you be out?

Does the air, water, heat, etc. function?

Is there mold present?

Does every room consist of furnishings and small items?

What type of furniture do you have?

Is there enough parking space?

Is your house on the market or do you plan to place it on the market?

Is there any spot which is unsafe for the public?

All of these questions are relevant to knowing if your location and time of need will produce a good sale.  We welcome any questions you may have in deciding if we can be of assistance taking care of your estate.

We look forward to talking with you!