A word from Carolyn

Dear Potential Client,

There are a number of reasons people call me to liquidate an estate.  It may be that their large family has outgrown their tiny home, maybe all the children have left the huge home and they intend to downsize, job responsibilities require relocation to another state, an elderly loved one requires medical attention or companionship within the children's home, or a loved one has passed.  A great deal of the time, the home is on the market or has sold as soon as it is listed, creating a need for a fast liquidation.

With our fast paced society, it is hard to find the time to get all our questions answered and I understand that.  I hope to give you enough information in this letter so you will know if a tag sale is right for you.  Over the past ten years we have handled a variety of estates; high end estates, smaller estates, business closings, farm equipment sales, cars, boats, and overloaded homes.  We do not look for a typical style of decor, but we do try to offer estates to the public which are full.  Shoppers tend to be attracted to the estates which are still set up like a home environment.    

Most of the time, I can determine if I am able to assist you with a phone conversation and snapshots of the estate.  Once we meet in person, I will be able to discuss the percentage based on what you have for sale.  The best time to conduct the in person consultation is after you have all your selected items removed from the estate.     When we are conducting sales, we keep in close contact with our clients so that they are aware of the progress we are making.  We also ask that you follow us on Social Media during the sale period so that you will see additional progress and postings of the sale.  By all means, share the sale with your friends and family members to enhance the turnout.

We are never too booked to take on an estate.  In other words, we have a system set up so that no matter what time of the year you call and no matter how many estates we are handling, when you need us to assist, we are ready.  There will not be a wait time.  This, of course, is determined by meeting you in person at the estate location.  In order to accept your estate, our number one requirement is that no one is living in the home.  Secondly, utilities must be functional.  During the time frame of the sale, we will keep you posted should any concerns occur.   

At the end of the sale, you will receive a printout of the items sold and the amounts.  Our usual time for payment is 1 business day, but we allow up to 3 business days in case the banks and/or post offices are closed.  Although we are typically setting up or running an estate,  I try hard to get back within 24 hours from the time of your initial contact.  It is very important for me to provide confidentially to each client, therefore in some cases, I may return your call in the evening.

I look forward to talking with you and meeting you!