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What does a tag sale offer to our clients?

The opportunity to present the public with an estate sale in which the items are tagged with a requested price.  This form of liquidation allows the client to remove all items they wish to keep and leave all other items for us to distribute through an estate sale or dispose of if needed.  This process allows the client the ability to remove personal and wanted items; then turn the work load over to us.

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Other services offered:

Cleanouts (Depending on circumstances)

Lawn Care (Recommendations)

House Cleaning (Recommendations)

​Buyouts (Conducted at end of sale)

Maintenance (Recommendations)


For the past ten years, we have assisted many wonderful clients with their liquidation needs.  We work hard to make the transition easier for our clients.  

We offer a phone consultation as well as an in person consultation.

Estate Sales Supreme, LLC

for your needs.

Estate Sales Supreme, LLC provides tag sales inside the clients home.  

Our company provides a four step process for liquidating your estate.  Call Carolyn today at 803-667-8451, to discuss how we may assist you.

Carolyn established Estate Sales Supreme in March 2014 with the idea of helping families liquidate their estates.  Before starting this business, she spent years in the medical and service industry, as well as freelance writing, marketing research, and volunteering time in the school system and community.

God, family, and her many animals are her life!